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This is my dissertation to the new career i didn’t even really start. I have come to figure out that the adult entertainment business is NOT what i want to do with my life. I have seen so many videos now that i could not see myself downgrading to what they do. YES i love sex and money, just like the next person, but the people that i have dealt with so far have been bums and wanna bees. These dudes really say they look and act one way and when you see them in person these idiots look completely different. Like they look like they just rolled out of bed.I will talk about this one story where i have learned my lesson completely. Okay so he said he was a production man, and that he does club things. Now (sigh) I’m not the kind to judge but i do watch myself a lot. So i traveled to New York to see what he was about. I had hope fr this. i was told i was going to see celebrities and get my name out there. Celebities. Celebrities HA!! To me if you are a celebrity you are a house hold name like even the grandmother who’s hip (no pun intended) knows who the person is. I did not know any of these D List celbrities. Wait scratch that G List celebrites. Amber Rose was suppose to e there, but who is she again oh yeah Kanye West’s old toy. And who the hell is Red Cafe!!! I’m still trying to figure that out. I mean when i googled him all that popped up was this very nice lounge in Midown Manhattan that i’m going to try. It looked nice.

Moving on so we get there and we have done the regular pat down and what not. So we finally get in and i’m assuming that we are going to a V.I.P. section, but NOOOO we sit at what looked like reserved tables for people. I was stunned. This is when i knew that this would be full of fuckery. And can i add in that he is a kind of short fat man. Don’t get me wrong I’m not that petty, but I HATE FAT MEN!!! Especially short ones that means they have nasty stubby hands and YUCK it’s like can you see them trying to touch a women. EWWW you might as well have a little kid do it. Which is disgusting, but i’m glad you understand where I’m coming from.

So anyways we sit there and he didn’t even take a shower before we left. He wore the same clothes he wore all day and sweated in. YUUCK!!! I mean i’m looking sexy in my little black dress, and then you got dirty Harry sitting next to me. I mean there were cute guys there and they looked at me give me the eye and rhen see his ass and bee line pass me!!! I mean daaamn he could of at least looked normal. Meaning wear a nice shirt and stuff. I looked like i was with my father. YUUUCK!!! He looked so nasty and old he made me look cheap. Shaking my head. I requested that we go back t the hotel.

Oooh the hotel. It was nice very class looking, but can i mention that he tried to have me stay at the Gunhill Inn which when i google mapped it, it was exactly how I assumed. A roach motel, the reviews even said that it had bedbugs in it!!! *waits for your reation* So that was a no go. He tells me the double tree i end up at World Center Hotel. The rates must be cheap here due to the fact that it is basically ground zero.
Noneheless, it is a very nice place. Even though the heat in the room only goes up to 78 degrees. I’m animic that’s freezing for me. My poor thin blood can not do this temperature let alone this harsh cold slushy weather, but beggers can not be choosers. I mean the concierge is cuuute!!! I was looking for him. Lol!

Continuing this dissertation i have even dealt with low class pimps that have thought i am an idiotic moranic young lady that does not know her way around the world. Well i don’t to a point, but google was there to protect me from doing the stupidest thing in my life. Well google is to thank and that thing that’s just really kicking in now called female intuition. Yes fellas fear it because I’m so nice and kind that when it kicks in all hell breaks loose. *smiley face*. Well that saved me from whopping a pimps ass don’t get me wrong i am not afraid to eagle claw a person in a hot second. I have been taught well. And let’s just say he is out of sight out of mind. I am no fool.

Yes this adult entertainment business is not worth my time but i did meet a nice person that i think we could be friends for a while as long as he doesn’t piss me off. He has been the one person that has really been trying to help me start this career. Even though none prevailed with the options he gave me he still tried even when i flipped this idea of mine the bird and said forget it. No one can say he aint try. And he knows that. I wouldn’t even argue him. Once again i hope we remain some what aquaintences at least.

So as i end this i am so through with this, but not to fret readers i will not be using this name anymore i think. It won’t help me. I was thinking about using it as my author name, but then i thought no man will read my books due to the fact he will assume my books will sound like a ridculous Tyler Perry Movie. So i will find another name for that it has to be androgynous. As i end this i hope that a girl wanting to join this business stumbles upon this and uses it as a warning. Heed my warning young girls you can find another job. Trust me!!!

As a true debutante would say. I bid you adu. Fair well, God Bless, and stay in good health.