Late Night Workout

       It was a cold winter night. You know like the ones where you just want to cuddle with that special someone. Unfortunately for me I was single. My boyfriend and I broke up right when cuffing season began. Cuffing season. Ha I always laughed at the word and the definition for it. Why is it when the cold months come around people need someone, but the moment those baby chicks hatch and that sun touches their skin their ready to be team single again. This just proves that people no matter how much they say they don’t need anyone they still do, but not I says the mouse. I’m team solo or team dolo as some of my culture call it. Ebonics always did intrigue me.

      Anyway it was a cold cuddle buddy wanting night as i tossed and turned in my bed. T.V. was not the comfort it usually was it had let me down tonight. I looked at my cable box and the time read 2:37. I sighed knowing sleep was for the blessed that night. I guess i pissed the sandman off last night when i pulled an all nighter doing a project.


I laid on my bed looking at the ceiling with nothing to do. I could go on Facebook but was i really in the mood to see people crying on their statuses for attention. Then there was Twitter it always gave me a good laugh, but I wasn’t in the mood to look at a bright screen. I started touching myself and broke out my handy dandy love bullet, but it wasn’t the same. It’s been four months since I’ve been bent over and my dear friends dildo and vibrator just weren’t cutting it anymore. I guess they caught the hint when i started neglecting them, and got a gym membership.So i put on some sweats and headed to the gym hopefully this would put me to sleep.


When i got there i headed up the stairs to the bike. I turned the T.V. On and started pedaling. I wanted to go over my usual speed i guess at night with shit else to do you tend to get a little ambitious. It was quiet no one was there but me. I liked it. I was fine listening to music, and watching TV multitasking even more then i use to was a skill i picked up when i became single. As my bike ride was on cool down mode a rush of adrenaline came over me and my body started screaming for attention. I tried to control it but I was doing a horrible job at that. I let out a scream “God please let me get some soon I’ve been behaving myself I’ve been doing the right things. I even stopped smoking! Please just give me this one. I’m begging you!” I put my head down in shame that was sad asking God to get laid i was going to hell in a hand basket. “Wow that’s a very interesting prayer you just did.” I Jumped as I heard a deep baritone voice coming from behind me. “I’m sorry i hope i didn’t scare you.” He said walking up to me. He was about 6’4, a smooth mocha chocolate with dark brown eyes, and lips that you just wanted to kiss. I stood there frozen as i looked at him. “well are you going to say anything?” he said with a chuckle. “I’m sorry you just startled me that am all I thought no one was here.” I said looking around. “oh i was in the back lifting weights. I heard a lady scream so I came running.” He smiled and my body tingled. “well aren’t you a knight in shinning armour.” I said giggling. I stopped immediately when i realized what i just did i hadn’t giggled in a long time. “I try.” he said laughing. “Now what is a pretty lady like you doing here late at night?” he asked folding his arms. I wanted to say looking for you but i controlled myself. “just working out. What about you? What’s a sexy man like you doing here you should be cuddling with your wife or girlfriend.” I said giggling again. He smiled and sighed. “i don’t have one believe it or not. And thank you for that compliment i was just about to give you the same one.” He said licking his lips. I wanted to melt this man was too fine. “thank you” i said blushing.


I started looking at his muscles. He was so damn ripped. That wife beater he had on was taking away from my view I wanted to rip it off of him. I shook my head and noticed he was looking at me the same way. That explained the silence that had come between us. I shook my head again. “I’m sorry about that. Well it was nice to meet you um.” “Dr. Tomalis Wright.” “Oh Dr. excuse me.” I said laughing. He laughed with me and licked his lips again. “well Dr. Tomalis Wright it was lovely meeting you.” I walked away feeling his eyes on me. They were piercing my soul.


As I headed for the treadmill and got on i heard quickened foot steps behind me then I felt a body. He grabbed my waist from behind and kissed my ear. “excuse me beautiful but you can’t come into my life and not tell me your name. I find that awfully rude.” I could feel his dick pressed up against me. I couldn’t tell when it stopped. I looked in the window at our reflection. His dark brown skin surrounding my caramel body. We looked so damn good together. “i still didn’t get your name beautiful.” he said pulling me closer kissing my neck. I wanted to moan so badly it was rt in my throat but i held it in. “it’s Demitra.” I softly moaned. I couldn’t keep it in. “that was sexy Dee. Can i call you that?” He said kissing my neck again. “I don’t mind.” I said tilting my head back on his chest. It was so solid and firm. “you smell so good gorgeous.” He said as he felt all over my body. ” you feel so good. You nice and thick like i like my girls.” “thank you.” I said softly. It was so long since I’d been touched. He had me under a spell and i couldn’t break it.


He began touching me even more and began playing with my kitty cat as he grinded his dick on me. We were dancing to a song only we could hear. It was amazing. I turned around dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down. There in front of me was the biggest dick I’d ever seen. “too small?” He said laughing. “Yeah right.” I said slowly putting the head in. i slowly began to take more each time i sucked. I could hear him moaning as he took my hair out of a pony tail and massaged my scalp. It felt amazing.

After ten minutes I got up and he began to kiss all over my breasts, and suck them gently as he held me with one arm and played with me with the other. I moaned with pleasure as he did everything so skilled. This felt like a dream Tomalis was amazing. He picked me up and went to a wall in the far corner and took my sweats off. He bent down and put my legs on his shoulders and began to make me moan with his mouth. I couldn’t control myself as I rubbed his Caesar haircut. I let out moans that filled the room, but no one could hear me. I looked out the window and saw snow falling so peacefully. This was my moment of nirvana and I loved it.

Tomalis picked me up and began thrusting into me hard and fast. I didn’t want him to stop as I dug my nails into his tight smooth skin. As I did this he went even harder and I wrapped my legs around him tighter. I didn’t want to let go of him. “Oh god.” I heard him groan as I tightened my walls around him. I scratched and bit him as he went even harder. It felt like he didn’t want to stop. I was ready to go insane by the time he slide us down the wall and kept going. He put my legs up and began to go nonstop as I tilted my head back and raised my hips to meet his thrusts.

“Let’s watch the snow.” He said picking me up and going in front of the window. “Are you crazy someone might see us?” I said covering myself up. He walked up to me and moved my hands from covering myself. He put his fingers in my hair and started massaging my scalp. Tomalis moved in closer to me and put his lips to me ear. “Just let your hair down beautiful. You’re gorgeous. You’re an immaculate goddess Demitra just be natural. Do not let anything stop you from this.” I was back in a trance and he could tell I was. He walked me to the window and turned me towards the window. I could see the snowflakes falling softly into the deserted street. Everything looked so calm and still. It was like we were in a stand still. He kissed my neck softly and passionately and then I felt him push up inside me. I tried to grab for something but only could put my hands on the window. Looking at the snow and feeling him triggered something in me that wanted to be unleashed.

I stopped him and led him to the weight lifting room. I pushed him down on the bench and began to bounce all over him. He grabbed my waist and started returning my movements. I grabbed his shoulders and planted my feet into the floor. I bounced so hard that I could feel my thighs getting sore, but I couldn’t care less about the pain. He put his hands under my ass and began to pile drive me with all his might. I tilted my head back and let out the loudest moan I had ever done. This was the best sex I had ever had. I didn’t want this to end. As he continued to make me moan like a porn star I could hear him do a deep growl that came from his throat. He let out a huge roar and said “I’m cumming.” His voice turned me on even more as he was ready to explode. I jumped down and swallowed him completely. He put his head back and massaged my hair as I took every drop. “Damn girl!” He said as I got up wiping my mouth. “You know you really didn’t have to do that.” He said wiping his face with a towel. “I know, but I was just curious that’s all.” I said drinking my bottle of water.

I walked around the room picking up my clothes like I was in a scavenger hunt. When I collected all of them I turned around and saw that he was standing there with a cup of ice. “You still look hot let me cool you off.” He laid me back down and ran ice all over my body. I felt the sensation of the coolness trickle down my body and out escape a soft moan. He kissed my body as he put an ice cube in me. “Damn this shit melting fast.” He said laughing as he kissed my chest. “Maybe because you’re holding it.” I said giggling. “Nope I think it’s you beautiful.” He said kissing me softly. He dressed me then sat me on his lap.

I looked deep into his eyes trying to figure out what to say or do. He smiled that sexy smile and kissed me passionately. “There’s nothing to say Demitra. I enjoyed you just like you enjoyed me. I would like to see you again, but only under your conditions. Just let me know whenever you want to see me. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if it’s only here same bat time same bat channel. Just as long as I see your beautiful face again.” I blushed and looked around. “It would be nice to see you every night.” I said smiling.

Four years later and I still remember that cold winter night. That night where I was so alone, so sexually frustrated, and so misunderstood. Now life is fine and Tomalis is still my everything. I love late night workouts.


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